Here is where I stash, an assortment of styleframes, and visualizations.

Beyonce – Stage Visuals

Client: Beyonce
Studio: Click 3x

Stage visuals for Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter World tour. The brief asked for the four classical elements (earth, wind, fire, and water) to life in a collaged style. These energies great and formidable, complimented the sheer force of the performer herself…Beyonce.

Sesame Street

Client: Sesame Street
Studio: Click 3x

As a huge fan of Seasame Street, this project was a true honer to work on, and fun every minute. A simple tale about the day in the life of paper, how it’s made, used, reused, and recycled. A tale I can get behind.

Dirty John – The Dirty Truth

Client: Oxygen
Studio: Thornberg & Forester

Oxygen show that explores the past of con man “Dirty” John Meehan and his trail of manipulation that led to a dangerous end with Debra Newell and her family.


Client: Covergirl
Studio: CHRLX

Showcasing Covergirl’s new Flamed Out, spokesperson, Becky G. We used a pop art frame work to bring a punchy awareness piece, to the product and open up a young audience to the volume adding mascara.


Client: Sesame Street
Studio: Transistor

Some fun type treatments I got to work on for a Qdoba campaign showcasing the restaurants offerings, styles of cooking, and ingredients.