Authentically Artificial

Jollies is an independent record label based out of Brooklyn, NY.

They release mostly left field electronic audio. With an international roster artist and collaborators, that work in a variety of formats and styles. A dedicated platform for unique voices, a place where artist are free to explore the outer limits.

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Client: Jollies
Services: Creative Direction, Design

The Gist

The grittiness in the cracks and corners of NYC inspired the treatment for this Brooklyn based brand. The aesthetic is intentionally worn, defective and stressed. This is then paired with bright red-orange tableau to create surreal yet familiar reference points. The viewer is placed in the tower of the sublime, to look down on a tactile, yet unrealistic, uncanny valley.

Jollies specializing in challenging music, so in branding it was important to remain fun and approachable with the goal of broadening the audience. The key was to present an open door to sounds in less of the spotlight.

A cast of playful characters were designed to act mascots for the brand and assets for future merchandizing materials. Further, the custom-drawn logo was imbued with charm and cheerfulness to keep it light.