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Where black culture lives. Where black dreams flourish.

With a four-decade heritage of honoring Black achievement, BET stands as the sole embodiment of the rich tapestry of the Black journey. Sibling Rivalry was entrusted with the task of reenvisioning this iconic brand, we embarked on a transformative endeavor. It was a revolution in its truest form, a chance to contemporize and ensure its enduring resonance in the years ahead. Rooted in both branding finesse and a profound cultural declaration, our visual identity unites Black innovators, luminaries, and exceptional talents within a single, unified realm.

Client: BET
Services: Creative Direction, Design
Studio:: Sibling Rivalry
Creative Director: Rosie Garschina

Black Canvas

As the destination for all forms of Black creative expression, the concept of Black Canvas became the heart of the new visual identity. Black creators. Black visionaries. Black talent. They all come together in one place.

The master brand serves as the bedrock for the entire ecosystem, establishing a resolute and contemporary tone. Its distinct motion behavior, strategically employing the corners of the screen and a refined editorial aesthetic, evokes a captivating blend of restraint and rebellion. The identity system itself embodies a perpetual state of evolution, embracing the dynamic nature of change.


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