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Hello, my name is Austin Watts. Thank you for stopping by One Day Vacation. Besides design, I'm a big lover of family, friends, life, and music.
I'm located in Brooklyn, New York, where I live with my beautiful wife Vanessa and cat Janet Janet. I have worked in the design industry for over a decade, in some of the best agencies and studios around the globe.
I pride myself on ability to work in all facets of the industry, from print to interactive, and I am always looking to learn the next thing. I freelance as an Art Director or Designer to help brands solve problems and reach their goals. If there is a project you would like to get me involved with or if you would just like to say "Hi", please don't hesitate to get in touch.

SELECT CLIENTS: Calvin Klein, MTV, NBC Universal, Harley Davidson, Nickelodeon, HP, PBS, Kyocera, Vonage, McDonald’s, Best Western, Fuel TV, MSG Networks, TBS, Burger King, Covergirl, Oxygen, BET, Ford, American Express, Current TV, History Channel, Pillsburry, Unicef, Hipmunk